Thursday, February 11, 2010

#90 - Renew my Library Card

Hooray for another check!

I honestly thought this goal would take me longer to check off.... which is pretty sad, considering that I work less than half a mile from the public library. As it ended up, the short distance is exactly how I ended up being there on a cold and rainy Tuesday. Since my work office is too small to host a good sized event, my boss had decided to rent out the auditorium at the Library to host a Valentine's Day Party for consumers, staff, and families. The Library has turned out to be a great location for us to hold events - partly because of it's close proximity to the office. So all I had to do was make the effort to stay after the party ended, head up to the check-out desk, and get the job done.

I had originally planned on heading over there on my lunch break one day (when I wasn't feeling lazy) and replacing my card, but why make an extra trip if you don't have to ;)

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