Tuesday, February 2, 2010

#87 - Create a 101 in 1001 List

Perhaps it's cheating to even put this goal on my list, seeing that once I finished the list, I'd have one automatic check off.... but considering how long it took me to come up with my list, I don't care. It really took quite a bit of effort to come up with 101 goals; especially since I constantly rewrote, revised, and revamped a lot of them multiple times.

In my quest to come up with a list of my own, I checked out quite a few 101 Lists from fellow bloggers. It was quite interesting to look at the vast array of goals out there in cyber space. Some goals applied themselves quite nicely to my own life and aspirations - so I copied them for myself. Once armed with a few ideas, I got to work on finishing my list. As I said, it took some effort, but probably the most helpful thing I did was to categorize my goals. The categories made it easier to come up with more goals to fill in blank spaces, make sure my goals didn't overlap too much, and evaluate what areas of my life I needed to improve.

So.... 1 down, 100 to go! Wish me luck :)

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