Sunday, February 21, 2010

#71 (part 1) I detailed his car :)

When Brandon went out of town this weekend, he took my car..... of course, leaving me the keys to his. So I took advantage of this opportunity to go ahead and complete his February surprise. Since he's really into cars, I figured that coming home to a beautifully clean interior would be a really nice surprise. Of course, I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see if he notices.... he better.... the thing looked like crap when I started on it! So while the dogs stared at me through the kitchen glass door, I scrubbed, polished, and vacuumed Brandon's daily driver. Of course, I didn't do much to the outside other than take it for a spray-down at the DIY car wash, but since he's extremely particular about the exterior and cleaning techniques, I figured he'd consider it a blessing that I didn't attempt to sud and scrub it by hand. (I'm perfectly capable of washing a car, but as I said, he's extremely particular about how it's done.... it's safer to just leave it be.)

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